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My blog & audio streams include and expand upon elements in my fictional stories that are written from the inside view of a character’s interior heart - that beautiful, vulnerable, intimate space - feelings, desires, needs, dreams that interweave in one another as heart’s wave, heart’s song, heart’s breath.

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extended & expanded upon scenes One for Legend of Song de Light

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This link will guide you to the audio streams of the vocal recording for this extended and expanded upon scene of moments hinted about in Legend of Song de Light audio book, and Legend of Song de Light audio play, and held within lovecontu.

Today, he caressed his fingers along my face, the most gentle of touch, and as he did, memories of moments when he has before breathe within my heart. Moments that I’ve drawn out in these series of photos that I’ve created today, and are titled “A View of Feelings’ Touch From My Love.”

The first photo is of a dance with the composition notes written in the pixels of the textures that create this image.

Title of Dance: “Return of the Hummingbirds”
Costumes: Look like they feel of silk
Set Design: Made of the finest agefu wood with light touches of bluebell flowers

Danseur approaches ballerina with an outstretched open hand. Ballerina places her hand in his with her smile in her eyes to bre-in-perso, and they begin to weave along the columns with hummingbird-penguin sculptures carved in them. A duet of adoryu adream petite continues into an extended duet of adoryu abea uh li. Soft turns, hand in hand to infinate…blie

Cherished. Held in the interior of his eyes…blie

A dance that interweaves with the second photo of a page numbered with more than imagined. A page that starts with a note written in a gentleman’s graceful hand. An invitation bioluminescent from within that extends into notes that composes songs of his heart. My pulse has been in a new rhythm since I received his invitation, and the song of him embraces me in delicate symphonies of sound.

The page continues into the third photo of words from within a flower bouquet that sing from the center. And, with a light touch of a paint brush, I’ve added to the melodic colors to bring sight to the song. Flowers of Arabian jasmine with their amazing, gorgeous scent, and chocolate cosmos with soft midnight velvet petals are held in a continuous ribbon of lovecontu. A bouquet that holds my heart like my love holds me.

A floral scent that stays with me into the fourth photo of a painting that is on a canvas that is like cashmere’s special fiber. Colored pencils in the brush strokes layer in the pink glow, and hum that emanate from a lighthouse. The glow and hum that has been with me since his first overture.

And, an underscore that continues into this fifth photo of a crescent moon held in the deepest realms of the night’s sky, and gentle lightness of daylight for a natural orchestra, accompanied with tender vocal chords that harmonize like the beautiful color palette of seafoam green and antique silver. Music to my ears since I heard his name, and our walk together began.

Gentle sonic chords lengthen in their notes within the soundwaves, and are in the sixth photo of a quiet saxophone and glass harp. An instrumental duet that I hope continues to repeat like the tender caress of my love.

And now I get to share with him that “A View of Feelings’ Touch From My Love” is going to be featured in the Island of Glotu Daily.