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To someone,

who has listened to, or read one of my stories,

Thank you.

A message from you is an additional gift.

To someone,

who is involved in the production of public performances, and creates a beautiful environment for an audience to hear a story unfold, my audio plays are written for a performance where

The characters are heard
Their interior hearts speak
The volumes of their depth

In the airwaves that float around you

The actors are unseen but heard
Their lyrical voices like a heart’s song

If interested, the licensing terms are available, and it would be an honor to get to discuss further with you.

To a person,

who communicates to an audience about fictional stories through online, and other media sources, I’m available for guest posts and interviews,

make exclusive sales and giveaways offers for your audience,

and provide unique information that is interwoven in my stories for you to share about.

You hold a vital role, and I appreciate the opportunity to engage with you.

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