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My blog & audio streams include and expand upon elements in my fictional stories that are written from the inside view of a character’s interior heart - that beautiful, vulnerable, intimate space - feelings, desires, needs, dreams that interweave in one another as heart’s wave, heart’s song, heart’s breath.

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extended & expanded upon scenes Two for Legend of Song de Light

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This link will guide you to the audio streams of the vocal recording for this extended and expanded upon scene of moments whispered about in the notes in Legend of Song de Light audio book, and Legend of Song de Light audio play, and held within lovecontu tru’adreyam time signature.

Dear Onlvman,

Another painting for you that I’ve titled “Memories in-real time.”

The first layer begins with day’s cashmere silk sky, the brush stroke made with cortajuba feathers with a tint of blush pink. Like the first time you approached me, and introduced yourself with an outstretched open hand. A kind, gentleness radiated from you within the intensity of your focus on me that made my heart begin to glow. A glow that has stayed with me.

And, with a subtle touch of colored pencils, the next layer in the painting adds in ocean waves’ midnight rose flower. Their gorgeous deep colors a sonic palette as the depth within your heart looks into mine, and I feel the sight of you.

Added within the lines of the brush strokes composition is an accompaniment of bluebell flowers that grows in a garden like ivy. Painted in the rich velvet tones of oil paint with a light blend of water that glistens in elongated notes across the canvas, like my tears as your words caress my heart.

As I continued to paint, my brush strokes added a surround sound of whispers of drum beats, hand held with light touches with the fragrance of clove spun into notes that flirt with my heart strings, as cymbals with mauve and wine melodies, and harmonic lyrics.

Painted with a special shading technique is a canopy of flowers held gently by the trees with a silhouette of two crescent moons. Their dance in adream petite in lovecontu tru’adreyam time signature.

My heart’s rhythm continues in a beautiful song of en-delicate-multiply flower like our moments together my love.